Download and install the latest Software version
Posted by Christiaan van Klinken on 15 September 2021 10:19 AM

Dear User,

To keep your MasterScanner up-to-date, we suggest to install the IAC's Linux Mint additions and the latest software version.

1] Determine which Linux Mint version your MasterScanner is running on. See the wallpaper on the desktop or via the Tools menu.

2] Download + install IAC's Linux Mint updates (Mint 18 + 19 only).

3] Create a backup of the MasterScanner's settings via the Tools menu option.

4] Download + install the latest MasterScanner software.

5] Request a new Activation Key, via submitting a ticket in the Support Center.

Download locations
The latest Linux Mint updates and the MasterScanner software can be found at the following locations:

Mint 17:

Mint 18:

Mint 19:

Note 1]: The support for Mint 17 has ended, the version 3.15.14 is the last version for Mint 17.

Note 2]: For a new Activation Key we need the Project Nr / Machine Nr, and the Activation ID.